Monday 10 May 2010

Seeking low cost investment portfolio builders

I have been looking at various investment portfolio builders. 

What is a investment portfolio builder?
An investment platform that provides access to a wide range of investment products in the format of funds. The charges that it MIGHT impose include (1) initial setup charge, (2) fund subscription charge, (3) fund switching charge, (4) management fee, (5) redemption fee (free after a number of years)

Some investment portfolio builders are "insurance wrapped" that offers a "101%" protection if the portfolio owner passes away and the beneficiary will get 101% of the portfolio value.

In my mind, a good portfolio builder should:
- Have a very very wide range of investment products from a wide range of product providers (fund houses)
- No initial setup charge
- No fund subscription charge
- No fund switching cost
- Low management fee
- No redemption fee

Well, I have tried using a few of these portfolio builders and I believe I have finally found a good one. :-)

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