Wednesday 12 May 2010

Don't make the same mistakes like I did - Insurance coverage reviewed

I started taking out a life insurance policy when I just turned 30. Like a lot of people, I didn't quite understand what I was in for! I mean I THOUGHT I understand all the terms like "cash value", "sum insured", "dividend", and the meaning of life insurance with saving, how dividend can cover the premium at some point. So I committed a long long long long term plan with high premium. 

And every year I scratch my head and ask myself again, do I really understand what I am in for, so I talk to my insurance agent every year to review and every time she convinced me that the plan is fine, until this year that is!

I found an independent person who is an expert in insurance products and she actually explained term by term again of my insurance plan and presented to me all the available insurance products out there instead of just product of one insurance company! 

Now I understand what I really need in terms of protection for my own self, as well as for my dependents, and how to calculate the sufficient amount of coverage! And above all what the right premium for such protection should be, taking into my own financial goal and what I consider to be a comfortable way of paying the premium!  It is such as realization that I want to write this to share with my friends.

Don't make the mistakes that I did!!!

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